3.2.1 Asking the right questions – or setting a framework

To create a good scenario, you first have to ask yourself the right questions. Not only to find out interesting and new things, but also to choose the right method and to be able to answer the question with the scenario.

In the following Slides we’ll talk in depth about these question. Take a few minutes each, and think about your own answers and what the answers pertaining your company are

Here is a Checklist for you:

Tool 1: MEGASTRAT-Tool-Checklist for framework conditions-V1-date.docx siehe auch Hannah Kosow und Robert Gaßner S. 110

  • What questions do I want to answer with the scenarios?
  • How do the scenarios answer my question(s)?
    (predictive, explorative, normative?)
  • How is the set of scenarios structured?
    (how many scenarios and how do they differ?)
  • What are my own unconscious assumptions about the future?
    (Six Questions according to Inayatullah)
  • What do I want to write and in what format?
    (Text, data, artifacts, prose,…)
  • When does my Scenario take place? (Defining the time Horizon)
  • What data do I need for this?

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