3.2.2 What questions do I want to answer with the scenarios?

Not every scenario provides answers to every question that is asked concerning the future. Possible topics that can be queried are society, values, customers, corporate structure, positioning, procurement or globalization.
A scenario cannot cover the entire future; you cannot predict and consider everything at once. It is advisable to focus on one or two aspects in order to work on them with a sufficient degree of detail to achieve the greatest possible informational value.

In the Words of Module 2: Within which area of life will the foresight exercise take place? (Including the industry, sector, or issue area of focus, as well as relevant social, economic, technological, environmental, and political factors.)
Possible questions that a scenario can answer are:

  • Who will my customers be in X years? How will my company be situated in 30 years?
  • Will my company still be selling/producing/developing the same thing in X years, a further development or something completely different?
  • Which markets will I be cultivating in X years?
  • What will the technology in my industry look like in X years?
  • What structures will my company have and what will the working day look like in X years?